Why & What makes an Indian Father Sad?

That was a Aug 6th. The middle aged person was waiting at the hospital.

His wife was crying in labour pain & Doctor said Cesarean only possible due to critical position of Baby. While all relatives were standing besides, then the person hold his wife’s soft hands and said,

“Don’t worry! Everything will be fine.”

That was the first time, the person was going to witness a child birth. While everyone was thinking about the baby and were naming it, then the person broke down. Tears rolled down from his eyes.

Was praying to God..! Both should be Safe.!
Doctor said “Congratulations, you are blessed with a Baby girl.”

That was one of the happiest moments of his life. He saw the little baby for the first time. Everyone asked him whether everything is fine or not.

He replied,‘Today she came to our house with a smile, after sometimes she will leave our house by making us cry towards another destination.’

Those words were really deep. As if a soulful conversation between father and stages of a daughter was running in background.

When an Father bid Goodbye to his daughter that makes him sad but when, the daughter blames her dad in the name of different psycho movements to call their father as ‘Trash’ that makes an father more sad than ever.

Before regarding the male community as trash, think about the immense pain of your father who has created you as a part of his soul.