The most important thing in life:

The most important thing in life is not money. It’s not friends. It’s not family. It’s not even how much fun you have.”The only thing that matters is if you lived your life the way you wanted to.”

At the end of it all, when you are on your deathbed and you look back, you will ask yourself what really mattered. Did you do everything you wanted to? Do you remember the times that took your breath away? Do you feel as though you lived a fulfilled life? Are you satisfied with how you lived? Would you live this life again?

For each and every one of us the reasons we would answer those questions with “YES” are different. Some may look back and see their family smiling, loving and caring for them. Others may look back and remember the times they pushed for their private goals and achieved more than they thought they could. And others still may think about their life and feel satisfied and happy because they led a life full of unique experiences.

What matters to you in the end is dependent on who you are. No one can tell you that.

“You don’t have to defend or explain your decisions to anyone. It’s your life. Live it without apologies.”
– Mandy Hale

However, if you just keep chasing after the things you want, if you do not give up on what matters to you and if you try to become better and better and better day after day, you will live a life without regrets.

You will look back on your life with a smile and see that everything you have done was your choice. And that the choices you made led you to a life fully lived.

But you will also make mistakes along the way.

No one is perfect and there will be things you realize you should have done differently. But we always see it that way in hindsight.

You might not yet be the person that will look back on life with a smile on their face, but that does not mean you cannot become that man or woman.

Myself still stands where my mom left me @2015. Its been 6 years now. But,
I still have the opportunity right now to choose how to live the rest of my life.
“I” Replace “You” in the quote for reading. No complimentary for me here.

And all you have to do to is to choose to make it one worth living, to chase the things you want, and to keep getting better and better as you go along.

“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. It’s not what you see, it’s how you look at it. It’s not how your life is, it’s how you live it.”

Two words to be mentioned following my name is my mom’s wish. Yes, I Degree. But, happy for the fulfilment? never because it’s for her sake. Now I’m a Writer. This is the content for that missed two words.

Dedicated to Mom.