Just look at the conversation, you will get the answer.
A real conversation which made me feel bad.
XYZ: Hey, Syed how are you?

Me: I’m fine thank you and you?

XYZ: I’m good too, Syed you write so well and I have never seen such narrating skills in any other writers in this platform. Are you a professional writer?

Me: No, I’m an Engineer

XYZ: Wow, that’s good and I work as a lecturer in Bangalore.

Me: That’s great

XYZ: In the past 5 days I went through all of your answers. Your answers are addictive. Some of your answers made me cry, sad, laugh, pushed me into deep thinking, inspired, gave goosebumps and made me wonder with your blunt behaviour. You are such a gem to your parents. Every parent should have a son like you.

Me: ❤️

XYZ: You are an amazing person blessed with talent, I liked your braveness, bluntness, and the way of expressing your views without caring for anyone. The girl you will going to marry will be the luckiest person to have a matured person like you as a husband.

Me: Thank you!! Can I ask you something?

XYZ: Yes, please

Me: I don’t know your age, but just imagine if you have a daughter of 23 years old would you be allowing her to marry me? Or will you be accepting me as your Son-in-law? Be honest with your answer and give brief explanation

There was a pause in the conversation!

XYZ: Honestly, No!!《she explained the reason, but I don’t wanna show it here 》

Me: Hmmm, but you said the girl who will go to marry will be the luckiest? You don’t like to get your daughter lucky?
As expected, there was no response!

I will leave it for you to conclude.

If you are good, but if you showcase your bad side then you are a bad person.

If you are bad, but if you hide your bad side and showcase only the good side then you are a good person.

Society is obsessed with Goodness, richness and well polished fake personalities.