• Purpose of Life
    Purpose of life – what do we want or feel we do not have! Most of the people go for a purpose because they are feeling they […]
  • The most important thing in life:
    The most important thing in life is not money. It’s not friends. It’s not family. It’s not even how much fun you have.”The only thing that matters […]
  • Reality
    Just look at the conversation, you will get the answer.A real conversation which made me feel bad._______________________________________________XYZ: Hey, Syed how are you? Me: I’m fine thank you […]
  • Best Definition of Maturity:
    For Example : We usually, use any type for pastes right to brush our teeth? Now, when our tooth-paste gets over then we switch to new one. […]
  • Why & What makes an Indian Father Sad?
    That was a Aug 6th. The middle aged person was waiting at the hospital. His wife was crying in labour pain & Doctor said Cesarean only possible […]