Your Average – Guy – Next Door, A common man amidst special people like you. Having like same Feelings, Emotions, Attractions, Expectations just like you. Being a Professional, I can decode your thoughts and implement it on the compilers created by your heart.

I also deliver the stories to change the life of people. But you know what? In order to bring the change , you have to be the change. That revolution to inspire Youth to develop themselves started from July 7 ,2020.

Writing here doesn’t make me (Author) unique in any aspects. We are all equal. Just there’s a single difference between you and me,

You can express your feelings in the canvas of your imagination, I can write your expression in the canvas of reality

Hope you have a great day ahead. Keep supporting, keep reading and Importantly don’t forget to “Smile at any Situation”.

Your presence over here makes our heart more comfortable to get connected with your thoughts and idealism.

@Syed Riyaz Ahamed